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About Daylee

Daylee is your personal video diary, which is build upon a short daily clips.

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Mobile apps

Our strategists and philosophers who unite the team and always show us the right direction. They often have naive ideals for which they love to play even tough games.

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Head of Android Team

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Head of iOS Team

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Software specialist

Support & Test team

Beauties among animals. Calm, careful, and tough workers with the ability to translate programming language into human language. They master the art of communication brilliantly and do not lose their head. They are always on your side.


Support & Test


Support & Test

Web & Legal team

Tough workers, scientists and practitioners who know everything about business. They are very powerful processors of our team, the accumulated energy of enthusiasm. It will be rough! It will be a fight! But we will win it.





Marketing team

Enthusiastic warriors, predatory fish for which no waters are prohibited. They believe that the power in simplicity. When they speak to you, time ceases to exist.

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Creativity team

These guys are beasts. They are a source of inspiration and insight. If you give them a choice of three paths, they will go on the fourth and reach the finish line first. Always smiling.


Motion graphics


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Story of Daylee

Can you imagine a movie composed from every day of your life? Or would you pay everything to see your child grow up again? Or do you just want to keep all of your great memories? This is what Daylee can do for you. It’s easy, Daylee will help you to record a video, take a photo, draw or type something, then add a text note, set your location (only if you want) or even attach what you did or how you felt through the day and save it to your private cloud storage, accessible only to you. All this and much more can Daylee do for you.

Daylee is your personal video diary, which aims to inspire users to record their important life moments. Daylee application is user friendly, efficient and primarily full of fun.

Project of Daylee joins several skilled people together. At the beginning there were only a few of us, then more and now we still have a small, flexible team and that’s why we all can influence further project development and easily change its going. It all started in 2015 as an idea. Later in 2017, we finally launched the first part of the project and currently we finished the Daylee project. It was a really long and tough way, but it was worth it. We believe we’ve created something special and you will love it as we do.

Btw. do you know what the name Daylee stands for? According to Urban Dictionary Daylee is:

A girl with a lot of potential in everything she does. Very beautiful and has a big heart for her friends who she never lets down. Daylee’s make the best girlfriends, but can break your heart with memories. She is kind, beautiful, unique kind of girl. Very athletic, and loves to party!

Thank you for reading.

Founder of Daylee