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Daylee is a mobile application for Android and iOS operating systems, which can easily help you to record, compile and share the best moments of your life using videos and photos. In the app, you can also save private notes, your feelings and activities or mark locations you visit. This all is done with great, enjoyable and easy-to-use mobile applications.

Daylee is the mobile app mascot. She is your friend and your app assistant. She can help you to set up the app, explain you new features or to earn you some extra hearts for your ranking. She lets you know when you forget to make a clip or other useful events. You meet her inside the app. According to the Urban dictionary, she is – “A long blonde hair, hazel eyes kind of girl. She never lets her friends down”.

Our main goal was to create something unique, something not ordinary, what people will love and what will be easily memorable. Purple color is in the whole project, from mobile apps, web, graphics to our mascot Daylee.

We really appreciate any kind of feedback, doesn’t matter, if negative or positive. We believe that we have created precise and reliable mobile apps, but one can never know, if everything is working, as intended. So please, don’t hesitate to report any bug, new feature suggestion or a thing you don’t like. Thank you very much.

Our main goal is to have precise and reliable mobile apps, which people will love and use every day. We all travel a lot, have families and love our lives, so we don’t want to forget any of our memories.

First, check our website on or our blog on . Our app stores presentations are also a great source of information about Daylee for Android it’s . For iOS version, it’s . Also, don’t forget to check our social networks: Facebook , Instagram or Youtube .

Daylee team is active and keeps users updated with the latest events and new app features on several social medias. Join us on Facebook , Instagram or Youtube .

Daylee joins several skilled people together. We are a small company based in Central Europe in the Czech Republic. At the beginning there were only a few of us, then more now we still have a flexible, small team and that’s why we all can influence further project development and easily change its going. It all started in 2015 as an idea. Later in 2017, we finally launched the first part of the project and currently we finished the Daylee project. It was a really long and tough way, but it was worth it. We believe we created something special and you will love it too.

Daylee Premium

Daylee Premium is the way how to have all the latest, premium and advanced features always available. It includes many cool features like all clip and movie cut features, all mood and activity emojis and charts, all app color themes, no ads in the whole app, you can remove brand marks from your movies, priority support, etc. By buying Daylee Premium, you also support us and Daylee’s development what we appreciate most. Thank you.

We don’t like them too, but they are necessary to keep the project going. If you don’t like them, the easiest way how to get rid of them is to get Daylee Premium. You can do it by buying one of the premium plans from Premium screen accessible from the main app menu.

The first step is to get Daylee Premium. It can be done easily by going to Premium screen from the main app menu and choosing the right plan which fits you best. Then go to Settings screen and uncheck Show movie Daylee ending checkbox. After that, all your new movies won’t end with Daylee ending.

The first step is to get Daylee Premium. It can be done easily by going to Premium screen from the main app menu and choosing the right plan which fits you best. Then, while you’re creating a new clip or editing an old one, tap on Get more button in mood or activity emoji selection panel.

The first step is to get Daylee Premium. It can be done easily by going to Premium screen from the main app menu and choosing the right plan which fits you best. Then, while you’re creating a new clip or new movie, there will be all the lengths enabled for you.

The first step is to get Daylee Premium. It can be done easily by going to Premium screen from the main app menu and choosing the right plan which fits you best. Then, you can change the app color theme anytime you want from the Settings screen. Color themes are the thing which we enjoy a lot, so there are even more premium color themes coming soon.

Daylee Features

The clip is basically some of your video, photo, text or drawing, cut into a new video at a selected time and with a selected length which fits you best. This video is enriched with data like date, location, label, private note, mood or activity and pasted into the calendar day on the Clips screen. These so-called clips can be compiled when you decide to create a new movie. So the movie is composed of your clips going one after other. Movies can be compiled from a selected week or by pressing the Compile action button with scissors icon located on the Clips screen. You can select from several movie lengths or choose Custom movie length, which will show you Bottom sheet card with some info about how to create customized length movie.

Very useful parts of the app navigation are the main menu and the bottom navigation menu. The main menu can be opened by tapping the sandwich icon on the top left of the screen or with the More button from the bottom menu. In the main menu, there are lot of Daylee’s features located like User Profile, Ranking, Settings, and many others. The bottom navigation menu is visible all the time and takes you to the most important parts of the app, like Clips, Movies, Map or Moods.

You can find the round action buttons with an icon on it on many screens. Usually there is some very useful action connected to the button press. Sometimes the button hides menu, which reveals after you click the button. Don’t worry and try them all. If you are unsure about which action happens after you click the button, you can see a screen help which will advise you.

When you’re unsure about something, it’s not clear or you’re just curious about how the thing’s working. You can find Help button (with a question mark icon) on every screen. It’s usually placed on the top-right corner of the screen or hidden below 3 dots menu. You can find the Help on every screen and after clicking it, it will activate an intro tour around the screen.

The app needs only 3 basic permissions to be granted – Storage, Camera and Location. The permission for reading the storage is necessary for picking a video or photo for your clips and saving or sharing your new clips or movies. Permission for the camera is necessary for recording a video or taking a photo for your clips. And permission for the location is needed when you finish your clip and add a location to it. The location is taken from the original file itself or your device current location, because it’s great to see all your clips on the map later. And don’t worry, we will work with your permissions under all safety restrictions.

App language can be changed on the app Settings screen. For now, we support few languages, but we already work on adding more of them. We plan to support as many languages as possible-just let us know which one is important to you.

Daylee supports several color themes. You can choose between Light (white & purple), Dark (black & purple) or just Purple, which is purple & white. There is also By system theme, which switch between Light and Dark theme according to the system settings. Changing between the themes is easy, just open the Settings screen and choose your favorite color theme there.

Reminder can help you not to forget to make a new clip. You can enable or disable them in Settings screen in Reminders section. There are Morning (around 8 a.m.), Afternoon (around 2 p.m.), Evening (around 7 p.m.) and Custom reminders available. Custom clip reminder can be set to any time, which fits you best.

Clips (as stated in the previous questions) are the basics of the whole Daylee app. Every day is represented by a clip. A new clip can be created by tapping on an empty calendar cell on the Clips screen. Daylee will guide you through the process of creating a new clip – choose file for the new clip, cut the video/photo/text/drawing for the clip, and finally enrich clip with more information. Another way is to go via the camera round action button and take a new video for the clip. Then continue with clip-cutting and so on.

When you tap on the empty calendar cell on Clips screen, Daylee takes you to the Choose file screen where you are supposed to select a Videos, Photos, Draw or Text tab. Every of these tabs supports different types of files for your new clip. Videos tab contains your recent videos from your device, sorted by a date of creation. Similarly works the Photos panel. On the Draw panel, you are allowed to draw something to the black pane with your finger. Last option is the Text tab, where you can text anything you want. You can choose any of these ways to select or create a great file for your new clip.

Every clip video is created from your original video, photo, drawing or even text, so when you select a new file for your new clip, Daylee takes you to the Clip cutting room screen, which supports several cool features like video or image rotation, changing clip sound, adding blurred edges, etc. On this screen, you’ll select the right time and the length of the video. There is also the Preview video panel, which visualizes precisely how your clip will look like. When you are done with your clip setting, press the right arrow button which leads to Refine clip screen where you can improve your clip with location, mood, activity, caption or private note.

When you’re done with selecting a file for your clip and creating the right clip video, Daylee takes you to the Refine clip screen, which allows you to improve your clip with several metadata information like mood or activity emojis, clip caption, clip location or private note. All this information can be set on the Refine clip screen and are really useful for you in the next app features like your Dalyee Map, Moods charts, etc.

Movie is basically a compilation of your selected clips. You can easily create a new movie by tapping on the round action button (with scissors icon) located on the Clips screen. It reveals several movie-length options. Another way is to click on a clips week title and compile the entire week or make a long click on a clip after which a custom-length movie popup is displayed. Choose your preferred movie length and wait until Daylee creates the new movie for you.

A movie can be played right from the successful movie compilation notification, but mostly you play the movie from Movies screen, where are all your movies sorted by date of creation. By tapping the movie, you go to the movie player screen, where are Save to storage or Share movie features placed. Daylee supports sharing to your favorite social network or messenger via system sharing popup.

Thanks to Map feature, you can see all your clips with location attached spread in one map. It’s very useful to see where you were, which day. Every clip can have a location attached, so don’t hesitate to use this feature. The location of the clip is firstly taken from the original video or photo file by itself, secondly from your device location, but you can always set it manually. The location can be changed or added anytime. Then it’s pretty amazing to see all your clips spread on the map.

Moods screen is one of our favorite Daylee features. It visualizes moods and activities, which you attached previously to your clips. That’s why it’s always good to enhance a clip with a good mood and activity emoji, which fits best to the clip. There are several mood and activity charts in the Moods screen. Change the charts period to see the desired period of your clips moods and activities.

It’s a big round button with camera icon on it — it’s placed in the bottom right corner of Clips screen. It provides you quite easy way to record a video for your new clip. It takes you to your preferred camera app and then the result is processed right in the Daylee cut room. Just try it, it’s very useful.

Cloud backup

Cloud backup is basically a safety mechanism which helps you to never lose any of your great clips. You can easily enable this feature while you’re initially setting up the Daylee app or later from the main menu. For now the app supports Google Drive with Android app and Apple iCloud with iOS app. Later, we plan to support next cloud storages, like Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive. Uploading and downloading your clips from your cloud storage works automatically, so there is no action needed from your side and is completely free. There might be conflicts, which happen when there is more than one clip for the same day, e.g., you use more device with Daylee app. Conflicts can be easily solved with the app.

Security & Data protection

Daylee apps require user to sign in with one of several existing accounts (Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter or email login) in to Daylee. This step simply saves you from losing your created clips and other user data when you, e.g., lose your device or migrate to a new one. This also protects your user data from unauthorized access to your account.

Your Daylee account is fully private. Only you (and only from your authenticated account) can access your clips, movies and other private data. Movies are stored locally on your device in private Daylee directory. Clips are also saved in private Daylee directory. They are then synced to your private Daylee folder on your Google Drive or Apple iCloud cloud storages where no one can see it. Clips contain also some metadata, which are encrypted and again accessible only to you. So be sure your account is fully private.

Daylee apps detect and block suspicious behavior, pirate apps installed, third-party stores, cloning of the app, emulator usage, rooted devices, disassembled apps or other way modified app instances. There are several security mechanisms which will detect and block this behavior with Daylee Firewall. In this case, don’t hesitate to contact our support if you’re sure that they weren’t eligible. Thank you for the cooperation.

First, we are very sorry that you want to delete your account and, therefore, lose access to Daylee. If we can help you with any problem, feel free to contact our support. Otherwise, submit the deletion request by opening the User Profile screen from the More menu and scrolling down to the Delete User account section in the Daylee app. Once you’re done, the account will be deleted permanently. Keep in mind that this process is irreversible, and it will delete all your personal information associated with your account. You will lose access to your account, and you will not be able to take it back. We still hope you’ll be back as a new user in the future.

Ranking & score

Daylee is also a game: you’ll collect Daylee hearts, which put you to a ranking category and award you with cool badges. Try to improve your ranking, collect all badges and compare yourself with your friends. Gain Daylee hearts by several actions like set up the Daylee, send us feedback, make a clip or movie, visit theapp regularly, use any advanced features, share the app or your movies with your favorite social networks or messengers or even get more hearts for finding an Easter-Eggs.

As previous question states, Daylee is a game. It’s really easy to play it and gain Daylee hearts for playing it. You can get hearts in many ways, see previous question for more information about it. Depending on how many hearts you have, you’ll be promoted with a Daylee ranking. And also besides that, there are many Daylee badges too. They are granted as a gift to you when you achieve a goal in some specific app area.

There are several Daylee rankings which you can achieve. Starting at Cadet and ending with Sergeant Army Major. Every ranking level depends on the score of your hearts. The same applies to Daylee badges, which are divided to 6 groups and you will be granted with them for different actions. The groups are these: App Setup, Easter-Egg, Loyalty, Pro features, Community and Social. For more information, please see Ranking screen in the mobile apps.

As previous questions state, you can gain the hearts for many different actions in the mobile apps. E.g., set up the whole app completely with all features like cloud backup, etc, or coming to the app regularly cutting clips or compiling movies are also rewarded. Or sending us your feedback, sharing the app using advanced pro features in the app, sharing the movies to your favorite social network or messenger, being active on our social network channels or even revealing app Easter-eggs are also rewarded with the Daylee hearts.

Daylee is full of Easter-Eggs, which are basically hidden surprises in the app. Daylee has about 10 Easter-Eggs, which are hidden after long clicks, double clicks, two-finger clicks, swipes, or other click actions on different items in the app. So don’t hesitate to find them all. You’ll always get some reward for finding them.


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