Great mobile app, which will help you to never forget.

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Daylee is your personal life diary

Play the video below and see how Daylee works, it’s easy…

Hi, I’m Daylee

Can you imagine a movie composed from every day of your life? Or would you pay anything to see your child grow up again? Or do you just want to never forget any of your great memories? This is what Daylee can do for you. It’s easy.

Daylee has a mobile application for Android and iOS operating systems, which can easily help you to record, compile and share the best moments of your life using videos and photos. In the app you can also save private notes, your feelings and activities or mark locations you visit. We believe that this all is done with great enjoyable and easy to use mobile applications.

Daylee is the app for everyone, e.g. travelers can record their trip every day and then share it in the movie very easily. Or parents can record every new little step of their baby for years and later watch the great movie together. Sport lovers can catch their form every day and track their progress. For those, who want to record their crazy adventures with friends and create funny movies. Or just anyone, who want to never forget any beautiful moments.

Btw. Daylee is all game. When you set up the app, send us feedback, make a new Clip or Movie or even find Easter egg, etc. Daylee gives you some extra coins to improve your rank and get some premium feature or cool merchandising for free.

Features of Daylee

Daylee - main clips

Clips dashboard

Every day is represented by a clip. On the clips dashboard you can simply see a calendar composed of those clips. Create, edit, or delete your clips as you wish. And don’t worry, all your clips are saved on your private cloud storage accessible only to you.

Daylee cut room

Create a new clip

Create a new clip from video, photo, text or even drawing. Record a video, take a photo, download desired file from anywhere you want, it’s all up to you. Edit selected file in this cut room to suit perfect for your new clip.

Daylee cut room

Improve the clip

After that, you can even improve your clip by adding a mood emoji, setting an activity, adding a clip label, it’s location or typing your private diary text note.

Daylee create movie

Create a new movie

Creating the movie from your clips is really easy. When your clips are set up, just select the desired movie period or use custom length movie by tapping on scissors icon and wait. Daylee will create your movie and let you know soon.

Daylee share in movies

Play and share the movie

Play the new movie to your friends or family or share it directly to your favorite social network or send to it through a messenger.

Daylee main map


See all your clips spreaded on the map. It could be useful for you to see where you were which day.

Daylee moods


Daylee has pretty cool moods and activities charts too, so express your every day feeling with one of the many mood or activity emoji and keep track of your changes.The charts visualize your mood or activities within your clips. Change a period of the charts to see it in desired time.

Daylee rank game

Daylee is a game

When you set up the Daylee, send us feedback, make a Clip or Movie or even find Easter egg, etc. Daylee gives you some extra coins to improve your rank and get some new premium features or cool merch.

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