See how beautiful your movie can be…

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Would you like to see a movie of your child or puppy growing?

It is really exciting to see a long term Daylee movie from your clips. This kind of movie is our favorite. You can easily create a short movie of your last month, year or even all time movie from your clips. Play our movie to see how it could look like.

Can you imagine a movie composed from every day of your life?

We all use Daylee every day and record our lives regularly, so we always know where we were, what we experienced and with whom. After time you will see how your life is changing and how exciting it is.

Do you love travelling?

You can record your trip every day and show the best moments of your adventure to the friends or family very easily. Also keep your trip movie to remember how great it was and let motivate yourself for the next adventure.

Are you working hard on yourself?

You can catch your body form every day and track its progress. Record yourself, your training or your healthy food, you ate.