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Daylee Introduction

Daylee is your personal life diary. Thanks to Daylee, you will never forget any of your great memories. This video briefly introduces you how Daylee works and what it can do for you. And yes, there is much more.

Daylee’s Mallorca 🏝️

Daylee spent her vacation in Mallorca. See how beautiful also your movies can be. Take Daylee with you for your trip and make a stunning or funny short movie for your friends or family. They’ll love it. Most of the job will Daylee do for you automatically, just don’t forget to capture your days with photos or videos. Enjoy Daylee & have a great day πŸ’œ.

Record your progress or your loved ONEΒ΄S πŸ’œ

Daylee is the app for everyone, e.g., travelers can record their trip every day and then share it in the movie very easily. Or parents can record every new little step of their baby for years and later watch the great movie together. Sport lovers can catch their form every day and track their progress. For those who want to record their crazy adventures with friends and create funny movies. Or just anyone who wants to never forget any beautiful moments.

This is Daylee πŸ’œ. See how beautiful movies can Daylee do for you.

Are you mother or father? Daylee is just for you! Record every new little step of your baby for years and later watch the great movie together πŸ’œ.

Every day is a movie. Just capture it!

This nice short movie shows you how can recording of your sport achievements with Daylee app can look like. Use Daylee regularly to catch your current fitness form and compare it later πŸ’œ.

Not every story makes sense. But it’s YOURS!

This is a short movie with our mascot Daylee, which is walking around the neighborhood. Doesn’t matter if your story makes sense to the others or not. The only thing that matters is that the story is YOURS! So record your life regularly, it’s good for your mental health πŸ’œ.